!! OMG, the ‘Old Gays’ try dating younger !!

“Edibles? Poppers? Wow!” Check out what happens when the pearls of Youtube, The Old Gays try dating much younger above!

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5 Comments on "OMG, the ‘Old Gays’ try dating younger"

  1. Yes! Perfect choice!
    He’s sexy and seems thoughtful too!

  2. This “dating game” episode was very sweet.

  3. Good grief. Older for younger is so common. It amuses me when those over 40 or 50 only want those 18-29. There are many handsome older guys who won’t meet with guys their own age. Younger wants younger & older wants younger. The math doesn’t work out. Having sex with someone decades younger won’t keep you young. Date within your own age range & stop embarrassing yourself.

    • you should stop embarrassing yourself with posting ignorant comments like this one.

    • For what it’s worth, this isn’t limited to gay world, it’s very common in hetero world too. Furthermore, it’s very common in nature, and perhaps has something to do with the younger mate being in better health and thus, better offspring. Theory that this is still with us, due to ancient hard-wiring, is popular. Ultimately though, live and let live. Consenting adults is all that matters!

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