!! OMG, the UK is bringing us their first Gay dating show with ‘I Kissed A Boy’ !!

I tried watching that gar-baje-a-RAT dating show For The Love Of DILFS, and honey, we just couldn’t… not even for 5 minutes. It looked like it was made on the tips of a drag queen working a Monday night at Skippies. It was bleak. Let’s hope this one shows more promise:

I Kissed A Boy, slated to debut on BBC next week, finds 10 single gay men – all aged between 23 and 29 – as they search for true love based off of law of attraction and their very first smooch. As an added twist to make the experiment more interesting, I Kissed A Boy will introduce ‘Kiss Offs,’ where potential lovers will choose to stay together another week or save their kiss for another man in the house, ultimately ending the relationship and re-entering the house as a single competitor.

Still sounds terrible, but also like it would pair nicely with a bong and some white wine.

Find the trailer after the jump! Thotz?

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2 Comments on "OMG, the UK is bringing us their first Gay dating show with ‘I Kissed A Boy’"

  1. Why are you guys always so harsh on reality TV shows that are gay focused?

    • Because people going on dating reality shows are either looking to be influencers so play up for screen time or if they legit going on the show to meet someone generally have some giant red flags that people in the real world go “nope, no thank you”.

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