!! The Big Gay Road Trip: Northern Edition !!

gay lumberjack
It was only a short while ago that the intrepid Queerty staff set out to explore the Southern U.S. from Houston to South Florida, and now we’re at it again, except this time we’ll be driving through colder country. Thank goodness it’s almost summer.
On this trip, I’ll be hitting the road with my friend Enrique and we will be visiting the following cities in the U.S. and Canada:
Chicago, IL
Minneapolis, MN
Winnipeg, MB
Saskatoon, SK
Edmonton, AB
Calgary, AB
Vancouver, BC
George, WA
Seattle, WA

So please get in touch and tell us what exciting gay things we simply have to see in your city. Tell us about your favorite bar, club, restaurant, or gay attraction because we’re coming and we need things to do and people to meet. We’d be happy to have you show us around a bit, too, if you can spare a few hours for the betterment of the gay blogosphere.
Please send emails to frank(@)queerty.com with all your hot tips and invitations. We’re leaving on May 14 and spending a couple days in each city, so please help us fill out our itinerary! xoxo Frank

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