!! The crazy life of Taran Noah Smith !!

Taran Noah Smith, who played youngest brother Mark on Home Improvement, may not have grown up, but he has gotten older. In the last few years, he has married a lesbian twice his age, started his own (very weird) business, gotten divorced, tried to evict his parents from their home, and is now fighting to keep all the spoils of his child stardom.
From the Enquirer:

Now the two are not only divorced, they’re fighting over ownership of a business they started together- a vegan cashew cheese making company! Those are the latest bizarre twists in the May-December love story of Taran and Heidi Van Pelt, a raw foods chef who was 32 when she married Taran three weeks after his 17th birthday.

While jail or rehab seems to be the next logical step in this celebrity trainwreck, let’s wish Taran the best. (via Snarky Gossip and Jossip)

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  1. Taran is the son of my cousin’s best friend from childhood. Taran has broken his parents hearts and created a level of dysfunction in that family for ever. I have been privy to the insanity for years now and it never seems to stop.

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