!! The Joys of Free Champagne !!

Yesterday I crawled through the latticework of the back porch at Amber in Toronto just so I could catch a glimpse of editor-cum-author and Toronto native Bonnie Fuller at the launch party for her new book The Joys of Much Too Much. I was not disappointed, and I even took some exciting photographs that you can see after the jump, though in none of them is Bonnie wearing such a festive shirt as in her dust jacket photo (pictured below).
Bonnie Fuller Joys of Much Too Much
But let’s talk about the important facts: I ate about a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries, six mini-Bruschettas, four spoonfuls of salmon tartar, and a healthy handful of curried shrimp. And I don’t even remember how much free champagne I had before stumbling along my way with a pink gift bag that contained not only Bonnie’s book and a copy of Star magazine, but also a CD by some woman named Anjani, which sounds enough like “Enya” for me to know that I can listen to it in the bathtub. All in all the party can be summed up in two words (you know which two I’m talking about).
Check out another account of the evening at Paved. And don’t forget to look at all the exclusive photos of Bonnie Fuller and her wonderful, fabulous friends after the jump!

Bonnie Fuller Joys of Much Too Much launch party Toronto
Sorry for the orange tint of the photo. The light is reflecting off the bright jacket of Bonnie’s friend. Look how much fun she is having! I think she just ate a delicious shrimp.
Bonnie Fuller Joys of Much Too Much launch party Toronto
These are Bonnie’s friends posing with Toronto trannie/former mayoral candidate Enza “Supermodel” Anderson, who was also taking lots of photos.
Bonnie Fuller Joys of Much Too Much launch party Toronto
This lady was having so much fun that she had to whip out her Blackberry and write to all her friends!

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