!! The Screech Tape !!

First he begged on the Internet for money to save his house, now former Saved By the Bell actor Dustin Diamond is shopping around a sex tape where we can finally verify once and for all whether or not he has a 10 inch tool. The intrigue does not end there, however, for the Daily News reports that the video (tentatively titled Saved By the Smell) features two ladies and the sex act known as a Dirty Sanchez. Look it up in Urban Dictionary. I’m not explaining.

UPDATE: TMZ has a totally SFW 40-second excerpt that shows Screech floating in the bathtub and then saying something nonsensical to the camera!

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3 Comments on "The Screech Tape"

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  2. A dirty sanchez is when you are doing a girl doggy style and then inserting a finger in her ass then so gently rubbing it on her upper lip. Looks kind of like a shit mustache.

  3. can someone tell me what dirty sanchez is? i thought it was jackie beat’s band.
    i also thought i had performed every perverted sex act known to mankind…if i missed something i need to know.
    re: screech….if he does have a big dick, he also has a face to protect it.
    any photos of said penis yet?
    jack jett

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