!! The Vista is foggy !!

I was so excited when Windows Vista came out because it looked so pretty with all those transparent windows and cool effects, but I still haven’t upgraded almost a year later. Okay, I can’t really shell out for a new computer right now, but beyond that, the new Windows operating system just still isn’t quite compatible enough with all the hardware and software out there for me to feel comfortable.
And I’m apparently not the only one. Perhaps we should all just wait for the next big upgrade? Now I know how Mac users feel having to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new cat-named OS every few months. Actually I don’t since I’ve been using Windows XP since 2001, but I think I sort of get it.

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  1. I’ve used a Mac for almost 4 years now. Never going back to windows.
    Two things though. Mac OS X updates aren’t every few months. Another, the updates are only around $130 for a single user. Not “hundreds of dollars.”

  2. I have used Mac for 4 years……I love it. I control it, it does not control me.

  3. what? people still use windows? i should let you know that it’s 2007. are you buying a computer for your grandfather?
    i love how windows users get so excited about technology that is new to them years after its already come out on Mac.

  4. i love my mac. i am so glad i made the switch a year ago.

  5. Mac users don’t shell out every few months… major OS upgrades are 12 to 18 months and are less than half the price of Vista’s premium edition… and if you were using a Mac you wouldn’t be having the issues you’ve been having… it would just work!

    I bought that pile of crap when it came out and it gave me nothing but problems. The big problem was the sound card. Vista couldn’t support any sound cards, so for a couple months I had no sound from my computer. They blamed the third party software, even though Windows depends on it. Basically Vista came out with a product too early because all the supported programs weren’t ready. Vista blamed everyone else, but they knew.
    VISTA is just Windows way of competing with MAC. Vista is just like a MAC, rolling screens, transparent screens, etc. MAC did it first and was way better. I actually switched to MAC because of Vista. One great feature of MAC is that all their software and upgrades is from MAC, so they are all on the ball and can’t blame third party software for problems.
    Screw Windows, they fell behind after the IPOD.

  7. An attempt to be a Mac… a failure at that.

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