!! OMG, he’s naked: Theo James goes frontal and rear in ‘The White Lotus: Season 2’ !!

You may recognize actor Theo James from The Time Traveller’s Wife, Divergent, Underworld: Awakening or Underworld: Blood Wars! He’s also in the new season of The White Lotus which just premiered this week.

He didn’t waste any time going all out and baring all, so check out Theo after the NSFW jump! (Bonus points for having Aubrey Plaza present while doing so.)

See the full scene here along with every other Theo James nude scene.

Check out more Theo James in the buff here.

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22 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Theo James goes frontal and rear in ‘The White Lotus: Season 2’"

  1. FAKE………..

  2. Where are his testicles? If this was real, we would’ve at least gotten a shot of his testicles as well.

  3. Great ass but the prosthetic is so obvious.. Why do they even bother with those scenes? If his so shy and doesn’t to show his thing, just don’t do it.. Theo should just switch to porn, he was naked all the time in his previous HBO project.

  4. He went frontal in The Time Traveler’s Wife and his penis is definitely a grower, not a show-er.

  5. Prosthetic. Which is a shame because you can see his actual cock in two scenes in the final episode of The Time Traveler’s Wife. Also on HBO… which makes this doubly ridiculous.

    And no, not all dicks on HBO are fake. Though most of them were on Minx. Notable exception was that super hot 3-4 firefighter shower scene. There’s still plenty of real dick, past and present.

    • It was confirmed that it was a body double in Time Travelers Wife…. Sadly, he is yet to debut his actual dong on screen….

  6. I hate that the guys have wimped out when it comes to nudity and use prosthetics instead of showing the real thing. I guess I get why, they might not be comfortable with that or not confident in their body being out there, but it is nice to see their real pieces and body parts.

  7. They gave him a nice dick, but hey, you forgot the balls!

  8. I want him in my bed NNOOWWWW

  9. Richard E Vestal | November 1, 2022 at 9:29 pm | Reply

    Man, it’s like I can’t get enough, I just view and review Theo James in the buff. The Penis I’m not so sure is real but the rest of him seems to pass as real.

  10. If that was Antonio Biaggi then I’d believe it was real. Then again, with Antonio you’d also get a huge sack of potatoes to go with the meat.

  11. Very few look that big/long especially when not erect.
    Yet every Hollywood actor these days who goes full frontal shows one in the top 0.02%

    I get using prosthetics, but please be a little closer to reality.

    • “Very few” huh?!? At 35 years old being someone who played sports starting in elementary school all the way through college AND who’s been in the gym 2-5 times a week every week depending in the almost 10 years since I finished school I can wholeheartedly attest to the fact that there actually are A LOT of guys who are that big/long in person without the use of a prosthetic OR being “fluffed” for viewing and/or their ego. What I HAVE noticed, however, is that it’s typically the guys who are either smaller to much-smaller-than-average that are usually the ones having the hardest time believing a real dick CAN actually look just like his does here. Pretty ironic, huh…

  12. Nope, guys! It’ the real thing! I seen it before. The boi’ HUNG like a horse! ,-? – Grey

  13. Fake. His penis is probably the size of my little finger.

  14. Love Theo James. Real or not he is hot

  15. I wouldn’t call this a full frontal & you can clearly see it’s not real by the way it hangs

  16. Something don’t look quite right about that thing.

  17. Fake wiener. All male frontal nudity is on HBO it seems. NYT did and article on it.

  18. It’s most likely a prosthetic.

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