!! OMG, think your apartment is tiny? This man lives in a 23sqm/247sqft micro-flat !!

Set within lush green communal gardens, the art deco Cairo Apartments are a landmark in Melbourne’s architectural heritage. Designed by Best Overend and completed in 1936, they were (and remain) an exercise in minimal living.

Could you live in something this small, OMG? Or do you already?

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10 Comments on "OMG, think your apartment is tiny? This man lives in a 23sqm/247sqft micro-flat"

  1. My apartment is about that size and I live there comfortably with my cat. I don’t have a washing or drying machine and not even a balcony cause I’m on ground level. I would kill to have that balcony, it’s so nice and with that glass wall window, it almost counts as an additional room.

  2. Those Mom jeans tho

  3. Works for me.

  4. I could live there quite happily!

  5. Slow news day? This is standard in Paris, France for example. And surely NYC?? How is 23m2/247sq feet considered so shockingly tiny these days that it’s considered newsworthy? My first studio was 17m2, and my best friends apartment was 9m2! (Not à typo)
    I’ve even seen a 5m2 advertised for rent here in a real estate agencies window. Now THAT is shocking.. but not 23m2, most of the people I know here in Paris live in studios that size! *shrug*

  6. Would live there in a split second.

  7. It’s a studio apartment for Pete’s sake. That custom made curtain wall probably cost minimally a couple thousand bucks . I lived in a small studio space and it worked just fine,so no kudos from me on living in a studio with custom made built ins.

  8. You consider that small? Poverty shaming is beneath you guys..

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