!! OMG, he’s naked: Tom Mercier in HBO series ‘We Are Who We Are’ !!

Move over, Timmy Chalemet! Tom Mercier goes full-frontal in Luca Guadagnino‘s new HBO series We Are Who We Are after the NSFW jump!


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21 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Tom Mercier in HBO series ‘We Are Who We Are’"

  1. He has a beautiful thick cock and an amazing thick bush.

    I want it in my mouth.


  3. I hope we get to see more of him tonight! It’s a great show but he was soooo sexy in this! The pics don’t do it justice! Beautiful cock and that smile…wow

  4. He was naked in a film last year. Naked and semi erect.

  5. What a beautiful man!! I gotta watch this ASAP!! Beautiful cock! We want more!!

  6. Israeie men are so sex. he got naked in the movie Synonymes 2, is so hot there

  7. Oh wow. Its so nice to see a guy keep his full pubic hair. And he is ssooo hot

  8. BOO-YAH!!!

  9. No question about it…gorgeous from head to toe!

  10. he is sexy gay nice dick and butt

  11. OMG, we get to see a real guy with bush and it can actually be seen. The man is a beauty from his face down that’s for sure.

    • so a guy without a bush is not a real guy? Come on, enough with that bush nonsense. Everyone has the right to decide wheather to keep his bush, trim it or shave it.

      • No, he’s a real guy alright.

        He’s just one of those either having some aversion to body hair in general, or those trying to emulate a pree-teen down there, which brings up all kinds of questions for people who prefer grown-ups…

        • you are a moron, some people just don’t like hair, it is a personal preference, has nothing to do with age, or wanting to look younger. So take your preconceptions and stick em.

      • true. a real man has a bush. even 12 years old has pubes hair. we don’t want to have sex with men who look like 10.

  12. My god. He is so hot. His dick is incredible. I love the hair. I love how thick it looks while flaccid. I would love to see it hard.

  13. Hello-

    in his first draft screenplay of CMBYN James Ivory included a lot more
    nudity than wound up in the film. it turns out both Timothee Chalamet
    and Armie Hammer had “no frontal nudity” clauses in their contracts.

    • What a shame … yes, all the way back to A Room With A View in 1985, we could rely on good old James Ivory to show us some wonderful dick—I must have worn out the VCR pause button on that one at the time. The little flashes of waxed arse in CMBYN were mere crumbs! Now that so many non-European actors are happily showing us their swinging schlongs, a no-nudity clause seems a little conservative.

  14. Yup. All the around yup.

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