!! OMG Throwback: Tom Tom Club’s 1981 Video ‘As Above, So Below’ !!

Tom Tom Club was an arty early 80s New York new wave band, originally a side project of Talking Heads, most famous now for the sample of their hit Genius of Love, in Mariah Carey‘s Fantasy.

Their video for As Above, So Below, from their 1981 debut album, was directed by Mary Lambert, who went on to direct most of Madonna‘s early videos (Borderline, Like a Virgin, Like A Prayer) as well as Janet Jackson‘s Nasty and Control.

You might know her best from the 1989 cult horror classic Pet Sematary.

Check out the video after the jump!

And watch their video Genius of Love, a classic of wacky 80s animation:




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3 Comments on "OMG Throwback: Tom Tom Club’s 1981 Video ‘As Above, So Below’"

  1. I am 99.999% certain the blonde in the wig is a VERY young Denise Crosby, aka Lt. Tasha Yar from season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation!

  2. Okay, kids…you buried the lead of Judd Nelson’s (Breakfast Club) hot ass!! Woof!

  3. I don’t remember this song but I definitely remember “Genius Of Love” by this group

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