!! Tom Cruise in the sacred blazer of Xenu !!

Tom Cruise white suit
Just like Mormons have their sacred underwear, Tom Cruise has his tight, white suit that he must wear to appease Xenu lest he rise from beneath the volcano and give “free stress tests” to the entire population. Tom has that crazy “hopped up on Niacin” look in his eye as he speaks (raps?) into the microphone with a fervor matched only by the most seasoned televangelists. I’m not sure what he’s talking about, but it’s probably dumb. One more shot after the jump.

Tom Cruise white suit
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2 Comments on "Tom Cruise in the sacred blazer of Xenu"

  1. how do i see the pic? it says “after the jump” but i don’t see a link anywhere. help please?

  2. *shudder*
    He is pretty hot in that, though…and I don’t even like him.
    Heh, why couldn’t he be declaring his love for someone instead of proselytizing…oh, wait.

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