!! OMG, here are the top Christmas cookies for every state! !!

Who knew they varied!? Apparently each state a very different taste for their holidays cookies!

House Method surveyed over 4,500 Americans and asked which Christmas cookie was their favorite. So which cookie came out on top? Sugar cookies with frosting was the overall favorite Christmas cookie with 21 states.

Chocolate chip cookies came in second with 18 states. Gingerbread was third with 6 states, snickerdoodle fourth with 3 states, gingersnaps fifth with 2 states, and shortbread was last with 1 state.

Cookies that didn’t get enough love to make the chart: 2.4% of people surveyed said their favorite Christmas cookie is a seasonal Oreo. Trader Joe’s Peppermint Joe Joe’s got 1.6% of the vote, and 5.5% said other.

Check out the chart after the jump!

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  1. I live in NH and I’m here to say that this list is off. Gingerbread cookies? no. There was another list of cookies from every state that said Pumpkin cookies were the most popular cookie for NH but that aren’t either. Like most every other on these lists I’d say Chocolate chip is the most popular cookie by far.

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