!! OMG, his butt UHGAIN: Tyler Posey is the naked bottom elf this holiday season needs !!

Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey is saying ‘HOE HOE HOE!’ and Happy Holidays on the internet again! The actor decorated his tree while wearing less than Mrs. Clause after a bottle of Eggnog! Check him out after the NSFW jump!

CLICK TO ENLARGE! Check out Tyler’s OnlyFans here.

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44 Comments on "OMG, his butt UHGAIN: Tyler Posey is the naked bottom elf this holiday season needs"

  1. Very hot. He looks natural, not photshopped or made up with makeup like so many other guys. I prefer people who look like they do everyday, not some made up version for pictures. He loks like a nughty guy with a nice ass. Perfect to spank and cum in.

  2. Really great body. And the tattoos are fine with me. Guys with tattoos All over their legs are so hot!

  3. Why do you guys take the weekend off too post ans wait till late on Monday ( if we’re lucky ) for a new post. Can’t you do this automatically. Your stuff is so good we can’t wait

  4. Let’s be honest, he isn’t that good of an actor anyway. We’ve all seen him in Teen Wolf, there is a reason why he was aborted from the industry right after that. He simply isn’t charismatic. With so much ink and so much desperation for attention, I don’t think any serious studio will hire him. As far as Hollywood goes, this guy is done. I do think porn is his next stop, probably gay, one of those low quality home made movies.

  5. He’d be a really hot guy if he wasn’t full of ink. It’s such a turn off…

  6. Must be nice to be so good looking


    • Did you mean “desperate?” Like you? And just “annoying” like you? SHANNON it’s called spell check. And of course it’s probably more difficult when you’re completely shit-faced (as usual….).

    • I Agree Shannon and the acne on his butt is nto flattering either.
      Icky. Icky.

  8. I wonder what his publicist is thinking or if (s)he’s Encouraging all of this? I miss his Teen Wolf days ngl! But I hope he has more projects coming out! Dylan and Tyler are off doing great things but this guy, the lead, will go the way of Smallville’s Tom Wellin if he doesn’t straighten up w his career! Would love to see more of him…or just do full on porn at this stage!

  9. It abso-fucking-lutely blows my mind how a group of people who have fought SO HARD for acceptance, equality, inclusion and preaches this “one community, one love” mentality can simultaneously sit around being so spiteful, vindictive, crass & hateful towards another person, yet alone another member of this so-called “family” so many have diligently worked so hard creating.

    • And of course CAM the comment cop has to add his own pollution to the biosphere….

    • I mean…have you met gay people? You just described the community sadly enough. So sad but it’s the reality. You can break the community into sub genres and it gets uglier and uglier.

    • Bc that’s no reality, dude. Hate to break it to you. Gays have always been all those things you listed & more. There never was one love one community of whatever you’re saying. Those were so called clever marketing campaigns for the fight for marriage, if that’s what you mean by equality.

  10. does he have stock in this site or something? i hope he is ok

  11. He lives near me and I saw him walking near my place the other day. Even with a mask the green hair is a dead giveaway. If he wasn’t Tyler Posey and I saw him on the street I probably wouldn’t give him a second glance. Unkempt and yes dirty looking. In the videos I’ve seen of him talking he seems like a super chill laid back guy, but since Teen Wolf he’s really gone all in on pandemic hygiene/attire. Power to him and I hope he’s getting what he needs from OnlyFans. I know he has his fan base.

  12. Bruce Alexander | December 10, 2020 at 8:48 pm | Reply

    Hey Tyler…don’t listen to these angry guys (I was going to say Bitches but thought it would be too strong.) say. I have watched you since you were a kid. I really liked you in that movie with J.Lo. Now that you are grown I like the body you worked hard for. Nice ass but I would like to see the front spread out wide for everyone to see.

  13. I can’t help but think that he’s wanting to try a porn career next, considering his regular acting gig has all but dried up. And let’s be honest, the only talent on Teen Wolf was Dylan O’Brien and his career is flourishing. As for Tyler being naked all the time, I think it’s his way of drumming up attention from the porn industry. And considering what he’s spoke of honestly on his Onlyfans account, he’d do well in gay/bisexual porn.

  14. Wow. What a bunch of judgemental bitches we are.

  15. I’m just suprised that he hasn’t tattooed his ass, too. He’s got some sort of ink fetish…anyone who thinks that all that ink is so hot is probably inhaling too much ink from their ink wells, as well as inhaling other things.There’s millions of better people out there without all of this self-hating nonsense.

  16. His career is probably over. At least as far as doing good projects. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed though.

  17. Overrated. Dirty gross feet. Why bother?

  18. If his feet and body are that filthy, imagine the stench wafting off that nasty ass.

    • How is it, exactly that you can tell his body is supposedly “filthy” just by looking at a picture? The feet, yes, but how do you know if any other parts of him are by looking at pictures? And I’m pretty sure that if YOU walked around an old artist/photographer’s loft studio in your bare feet that they wouldn’t be anywhere remotely near as squeaky clean as you TRY pretending they would be.

  19. Can’t figure out why he’s doing this. Out of work? Trying to get attention for new roles? Don’t see the game plan. But, it’s his life!

  20. Why does he look so dirty? Like, dirty as in he needs a shower.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing!

      • Ditto and Triple Ditto! I need a shower. He always looks like he smells bad and just… gross! I can’t see one ounce of appeal and his speaking voice creeps me out.
        But more power to whomever likes him.

  21. Hello-

    I and many others I bet are quite thankful that Posey is a Grade A
    attention or one might say camera ho. jingle all the way……..

  22. Thank you for this. Very hot Tyler Posey always turns me on

  23. He is just sexy AF!

  24. Mom a homeless man broke into our house and is touching all our presents!

  25. He is beyond tacky. Fuck any celebrity who takes platforms away from sex workers struggling to survive in a pandemic. He is still working. Onlyfan celebrities are so problematic. Dont support them.

    • This is such a stupid argument. You think his fans are buying pics of him with his ass hanging out instead of proper porn from sex workers? Not the same market. It’s a load of shit.

  26. I thought he was pretty cute during his Teen Wolf days. Not so much now. The tattoos and him being too thirsty. He looks plain dirty.

  27. I don’t get the appeal here. Is he supposed to be attractive? Funny? I just can’t seem to pick up what he puts down.

  28. I said it once, and I’ll say it again… he looks dirty, and not in a good way.

  29. He looks like he hasn’t showered in a month. The white trash tattoos don’t help matters much. I love him otherwise.

  30. I just want to marry this man and fuck him stupid

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