16 Comments on "OMG, Tyler Posey gets spunky for new thirst trap in underwear"

  1. Apparently you’re delusional or jusy lost but his mom is NOT Parkey Posey. His mom’s name is Cyndi and she’s Mexican.

  2. He has his mom’s ( Indy film great Parker Posey ) beautiful black hair.

  3. He’d be cute if he didn’t have all those ugly tattoos. I’ll never understand why people ruin their bodies with ink.

  4. Diffent tatooes on the first and second photo ????


  6. Ruining his beautiful body with all those scribbles.

  7. This is so stupid. That’s very clearly just residue on his dirty mirror.

  8. Spunk, or toothpaste splatter on the mirror, since its on the door and the shower as well.

  9. I think Tyler Posey dribbled a bit of spunk… Check out his thigh in the underwear pic. And – I think he needs to look around for a better tattoo artist. His tats are quite random and underwhelming. No artistic planning whatsoever! Bleh.

  10. Sorry, but this is just sad… He’s already shown the goods, and then shows again, and then acts like it’s something new to be shirtless?? Nothing against him, I don’t even know who he really is.

    Like Kim Kardashian showing off her bra…. pathetic and old news.

  11. derek northcutt | August 18, 2020 at 5:58 pm | Reply

    The only weird thing he lacks on his body now is a tatto of Porky Pig.

  12. He has that meth jaw grinding thing going on

  13. He has that meth jaw grinding thing going on

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