!! OMG, WERK! These people have the most unfortunate names ever !!

Sometimes you get a last name you can’t ignore. Sometimes you pair that with an unfortunate first and get both. Check out a gallery of some of the worst name fails (wins?) known to man after the jump!


[via sadanduseless]

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4 Comments on "OMG, WERK! These people have the most unfortunate names ever"

  1. My sophomore English teacher was named Gay Mann. And she was strict and super religious.

  2. Growing up I never really cared for my last name or the ancestors (mostly Gypsies,Tramps and Thieves and reprobates) who carried it on but like Thierry above said it could have been a lot worse.

  3. I have a long last name that most people can’t spell or pronounce… but now I see how it could be much worse, lol…

  4. I thought Joyce Noyce was bad……WOW!

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