!! OMG, Valentine’s Candy: Gay movies to stream this weekend !!

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Robb Sherman in 'The Skinny'

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Robb Sherman in The Skinny

Whether you’re alone or with company this Valentine’s Day, lockdown means that screentime might feature prominently in your plans, so we’ve rounded up a list of V-day-appropriate gay movies for your pleasure.

Whether you’re in the mood for something sexy-arty, sexy-trashy, or just double sexy, these movies are all available to stream and all feature plenty of action.

Check out the full list after the NSFW jump!

Enjoy the Top 10 and check out here where to watch!

#10 The Skinny – A group of hot gay Black friends gather in New York City for a reunion that leads to lots of hot gay sex! All seven of the film’s gay hookups are hot and full of skin.

#9 Boy Culture – If you’re looking for a tale about a throuple involving male escorts, you could do a lot worse than this 2006 flick.

#8 Free Fall – In addition to all the shower scenes in this flick, check out the steamy gay hookup between Hanno Koffler and Sense8 star Max Riemelt!

#7 A Single Man – Colin Firth delivered an Oscar nominated performance in this heart-breaking 2009 drama, though if all he had to do was act like he was in lust with Nicholas Hoult, that seems easy to us!

#6 Brokeback Mountain – This tender and touching love story never stops packing an emotional wallop. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal’s hookup may be skinless, but the spit-in-the-hand sex in a tent fantasy feels so real!

#5 Weekend – These Brit babes spend almost the entire flick nude, but it’s hotter than hell when they hook up for over three minutes at the 72-minute mark! Talk about a long weekend!

#4 Call Me By Your Name – Enjoy Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer’s post-peach hook up! We have it completely uncensored right here.

#3 MauriceJames Wilby delivers not only a great performance but he also delivers the goods, going fully nude to hook up with co-star Rupert Graves.

#2 God’s Own Country – Many sights to see with the super handsome Josh O’Connor and Alec Secareanu! These nude dudes take it out full frontal style as they chat in the hay with their goods fully out. 

#1 Beautiful Thing – A ’90s classic! It not often that we see gay first love pictured in such an honest way. This may not be the “hottest” film on the list but that’s not to say it’s devoid of nudity as star Scott Neal bares his butt in a pair of sexy scenes, and that is truly a Beautiful Thing.

Check out the Valentine’s Day Top 10 supercut here!


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7 Comments on "OMG, Valentine’s Candy: Gay movies to stream this weekend"

  1. God’s Own Country is a beautiful film from start to finish. Even if it didn’t have some gorgeous male flesh (and it does) and organic love scenes (and it does), the cinematography, realism, script, and acting put this film at the front of my all-time top ten gay movies. AND it isn’t one of those “gay men can’t have a happy ending” flicks. If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out.

  2. Hello-

    God’s Own Country came out at approx. the same time as Call Me By Your Name.
    many people thought it a better film than CMBYN. I have to admit I’ve never
    seen it. to which i can’t help but wonder if GOC its more highly praised than
    CMBYN simply because its more graphic.

    • They’re both great and I got to see both in London! It was great having two beautiful films around the same time! Gods Own Country is a little slow but it’s a great story!

  3. ALRIGHT! You made my day! It starts out as a generic gay list with escorts and what not…but I kept thinking of “Beautiful Thing” but thought it wasn’t gonna be on any list! And oh SURPRISE!! My favourite gay themed film! I was like 10 years old when I saw it and that’s when I knew…I was gay! This film has such a special spot in my heart! It’s sooo good! It truly is a beautiful thing and then with the Mamma Casa soundtrack and working class London in the 90’s post Thatcher in a British council housing… i honestly recommend this film to everyone! Such a beautiful film. The characters are so lovable. Really helped me get through some tough years…will be watching tonight for sure! A recent film like this is probably Call Me By Your Name and along the lines of Come Undone and other European 90’s/2000’s gay films! Thanks for this trip down memory lane!

    • Beautiful Thing also has a special place in our hearts. Glad it took you to a happy place, Tony!

      • Thanks!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who had a good experience with this film and is in a special place of our hearts! It was on a rerun in 2000 when I saw this Around 23h00 haha and it completely blew my mind! I had not seen anything like this haha I was just 10! Thanks for this! I’m about to watch this! Everyone should get a copy before they make a terrible remake!

    • Beautiful Thing IS a beautiful thing! 🙂

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