!! OMG, it’s our 2020 Valentine’s Playlist !!

OMG.BLOG 2020 Valentine's Playlist

Toronto-based artist and writer Max Mohenu writes about creating the OMG.BLOG 2020 Valentine’s Playlist.

If I’ve learned anything from being single and gay all these years, it’s that you have to make Valentine’s Day special for yourself. The pressure we put on being boo’d up around this time of the year is a bigger chore than we realize. Sometimes a bubble bath and solo dinner is better than your Grindr notifications blowing up. However, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little spicy this weekend, too.

You’ll have a few friends gushing about their hot boyfriends this week, which is cool. But just remember that the only hottie you have to please on February 14th is you. Treat yourself! Do a facemask, go to Yoga, binge-watch Drag Race, suck a dick or don’t. It’s your day to do whatever and whoever you want. No pressure, no Hallmark cards. Just make it cute for you.

While you’re doing all that, make sure you dive into the OMG.BLOG Valentine’s Playlist. Starts out soft and sultry with a wide array of R&B sounds, sliding into disco and club music in the latter half.

After the jump, you’ll find the playlist, along with some quick words about some of the stand-out tracks.

Listen to the OMG.BLOG 2020 Valentine’s Playlist on Spotify.

Ari Lennox – BUSSIT
Not only is Ari Lennox unapologetically sexy, her Instagram stories have practically made her a national treasure. Her voice carries so beautifully on “BUSSIT,” which is probably the most soulful bottom anthem you’ll ever hear. You need this song in your life, along with her whole catalogue.

R.Flex- Heartbroken (Aaliyah Cover)
It’s beautiful to see Aaliyah’s legacy spark inspiration almost twenty years after her passing. R.Flex breathed new life into this classic song. It’s evocative and tear-jerking. Just listening to it and feeling it at the same time. It’s really something magical.

Cakes Da Killa – Luv Me Nots
Only Cakes Da Killa could make a hot club track about being ghosted and taken for granted. If you’re on the dancefloor this weekend, remember these lyrics, remember to leave him on read if he’s playing games with your emotions. No dick is worth the B.S.

Andres Sierra – Hearts On Fire (Midnight City’s Fire At The Disco Mix)
Andres calls themselves “a pop star from the 22nd century” and I can honestly say their sound lives up to that. Since the release of their latest “Hearts On Fire”, all we can do is gag as this powerhouse continues to solidify themselves as “one to watch” in Toronto’s music scene. This remix from Midnight City adds a disco bounce that makes it even more fierce than the original, if that’s possible.

— Max Mohenu (@max_mohenu)

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