!! Welcome to omg.blog !!

You might have noticed that we recently changed our domain name to omg.blog! We also moved the site to HTTPS at the same time and simplified our URL structure. These are changes that will take our site into a future that will hopefully still have room for independent publishers like us. 🚀

Our new .blog domain represents our belief that blogs occupy a unique and important place on the Internet. Content overload is real, and we provide a fun, queer edit for our hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors. 🌈🎧🍆

We’re grateful for all of you who support us and other independent blogs in this time when Facebook and Google control so much of what we see online. We’ve had astounding growth since the site was founded in 2003. Here’s to the next fifteen years! 😸🍾

(Many thanks to Josh at Sites By Coop for the fantastically smooth transition to our new domain 💖)

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12 Comments on "Welcome to omg.blog"

  1. Lucifer Arnold | April 12, 2018 at 6:58 pm | Reply

    The “S” means it is secure and I love that and your blog.

  2. Yeah for going with Secured Shell!

    You have a very fun blog; it has become the official start to my mornings.

  3. Will we need a new address for the rss/atom feed?

    • The old one will redirect, but if you want to update, it’s here now:

      • Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, Inoreader cannot process that feed URL. It returns: (A feed could not be found at https://omg.blog/feed/. This does not appear to be a valid RSS or Atom feed.

        • Thanks, Jake. We’ve looked at this and made a fix. Please let us know if you still have a problem.

          • Thanks. Still not working. Their system was able to pull the feed on 3/26, but never since. In asking them to look into it, Inoreader staff cannot access the new feed themselves, even in manual testing. Their response: “Most probably they are using some geolocation protection which is causing this. Please note that our servers are located in Europe/Bulgaria. The feed is already imported in our system but we are getting the same response when we try to pull its content.”

          • That’s it! We have been challenging all requests from Bulgaria. We’ll remove the rule for now. Let us know if Inoreader starts working again for you.

          • That solved it. Thanks!

          • W00t!

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