!! Workout for ectomorphs !!

I am far too lazy and broke to join a gym, but I thought some of my fellow skinny boys out there might be interested to know that it is possible for us ectomorphs to put on muscle, if you want to undergo a very complicated workout regiment.
My friends at Realjock have done their best to put it in simple terms, but any exercise that doesn’t involve a Nintendo Wii is too much for me to think about. You all enjoy though… really! Just be careful that your big manboobs don’t turn to jelly when you get older.

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2 Comments on "Workout for ectomorphs"

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who views the Wii as legitimate workout equipment.

  2. If you ever hear me refer to myself as an ‘ectomorph’ in public, you have permission to kick my skinny ass.

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