!! Zsa Zsa’s vintage car commercial !!

Zsa Zsa Gabor and her mother Jolie shilled Volkswagons in the early 70s wearing furs and pulling away from their huge mansion. If they were so rich, why do the cheesy car commercials? I guess that was always part of Zsa Zsa’s charm. (via Lady Bunny)
See a funny outtake of this commercial and another special treat after the jump.

BONUS: Watch Zsa Zsa drive around eating fast food with David Letterman.

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3 Comments on "Zsa Zsa’s vintage car commercial"

  1. Joe in the OC | August 1, 2007 at 11:49 am | Reply

    What year was that Letterman episode from? Anyone? If the food didn’t bust my gut the laughing sure did…Holy Cow!

  2. Great site BTW! Interesting note that the house in the VW commercial is the same house that was used in Mommy Dearest!!
    Zsa Zsa and Joan… like birds of a feather

  3. I LOVE that and love Zsa Zsa. “Goddam fucking commerical”, she’s a classic. THANKS FOR THAT!!

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