!! OMG, a live-action SIMS movie is in the works, produced by Margot Robbie !!

The Sims, the game you played when you didn’t have all the life-stresses you have now – and wanted to take care of someone else’s instead – is heading to the big screen!

Kate Herron, best known for directing season one of the genre-bending Marvel series Loki, is attached to tackle an adaptation of the game in a hot package that has hit the studios and streamers this week. Herron will also co-write the screenplay with Briony Redman.

LuckyChap, the production company run by Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley, Josey McNamara and Sophia Kerr and which is still basking in the glow of producing Barbie, will produce the feature along with Roy Lee and Miri Yoon of Vertigo Entertainment. Electronic Arts, which published the game, will also be involved in a creative and producing capacity.

After Margot’s success with Barbie, it will be interesting to see what she does with another franchise like this. There’s def lots of opportunity for social commentary – but will it be Barbie Lite!?

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  1. “SIMS” is not iconic. Barbie was. This lightning will most certainly not strike twice. Please… just watch “The Emoji Movie” and tell me otherwise.

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