!! Alexyss Tylor tells it like it is !!

Public Access television is the best forum to talk about penises, vaginas, and “cum freaks,” because there are no rules! And when there are no rules, women like Alexyss Tylor flourish. Alexyss is a woman scorned (repeatedly), so listen to her many gems of wisdom and don’t let it happen to you! (via Feyfriends)
A sample:

We’re hooked on the Penis Power and this man won’t even buy you some shrimp from Long John Silver and that plate’s what, $2.99? But he can give you a mouth full of sperm and a rectum full of sperm. We have to see what our issue is, because a man like that does not respect a woman.

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7 Comments on "Alexyss Tylor tells it like it is"

  1. OK HATERS! she is a woman with years of experience…you obviously havent lived long enough….and you can go to youtube.com to see more, there should be like 16 of her shows and no, they are not fake, she has a number you can call. She’s keeping it real…she says things we are scared to.


  3. Alexyss for president!

  4. ok, i totally thought this was real until i saw the other AKT clip on youtube. (Halloween.) Now I’m pretty sure’s fake.

  5. Anybody know where else this is posted?

  6. “All penises aren’t created equal!”
    I want to be her friend. ;3

  7. I can’t stop laughing! First of all, this woman needs some PEEN-US! And kudos for making sex with a man sound like rape! p.s. …don’t nobody want to touch the bottom of her vagina!

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