!! OMG, How Australia is cracking down on Internet Trolls !!

SHANNON BEWARE! Don’t move to Australia! It seems the land of down-under has its own way of making sure internet trolls stay out of the comments. Check out the VICE report above!

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3 Comments on "OMG, How Australia is cracking down on Internet Trolls"

  1. IGOR: let’s be completely honest. You or the other admins approve posts…or so it seems. SHANNON is either a troll supreme that everyone hates or it’s you or someone else on OMG staff that tries to stir the caldron. It’s the internet, I get it. But either she/he/it is a complete shit stain we all hate or you’re fucking up your own blog. Let’s be done with her/him/it once and for all.

  2. LMMFAO!!! The fact that even the site’s admin called out SHANNON as an INTERNET TROLL has me in tears from laughing!!

  3. OMG Blog- we don’t need Australia. We merely need YOU to stop clearing her troll comments! Simple solution.

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