!! ‘Big Brother: Brazil’ finally gets interesting !!

The Big Brother franchise varies from country to country when it comes to adult content, with some shows, like the American one, only allowing viewers to listen to the grunts of a contestant masturbate inside a wooden crate, with others like Big Brother: Australia serving as a televised penis size contest, to finally some in Northern Europe that actually show the contestants giving blowjobs and and having sex in the showers.
Big Brother: Brazil has taken one big step towards the smutty end of things with its first on-screen frontal male nudity, and who better to do it than sexy contestant Alan-Pierre (pictured above)? Watch his long and soapy shower scene after the jump [NSFW]. Happy Friday!

(via Made In Brazil)

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4 Comments on "‘Big Brother: Brazil’ finally gets interesting"

  1. i have know that for yrs used to have tons of clips shower scence where always great

  2. awe damn why that one rejected? lmao…. awe……

  3. OMG, the shenanigans: ‘Big Brother: Brazil’

    Those crazy boys in the Brazilian Big Brother house are at it again. This time, instead of wagging their manthings around in the shower, they are baring their firm bottoms in the sauna for the female occupants of the house. They also do this weird “ch…

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