!! Britney came back after all !!

After rumors that she might not perform her surprise come-back concert at the House of Blues last night, Britney Spears did indeed take to the stage for the first time in three years and performed a 20-minute set of old songs with original choreography she did herself after having a fight with her choreographer Brian Friedman.
Triumphant or lukewarm? Let the photos after the jump give a clue, and if you were there, please let all of us know!

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21 Comments on "Britney came back after all"

  1. wow ppl in denial much. she’s the past…do you live there with her

  2. Oh. I forgot something.
    She is a freaking hag.

    1. She’s a spoiled brat who needs to be at home taking care of her children that she irresponsibly gave birth to.
    2. Hello. No Talent.
    3. Washed up!

  4. lol well excuse me, Kylie Minogue is certainly one of the well known artists who can sing and be thrown around, up, down and inside out and not skip a beat! Brit may need to be left alone about her recent time off, but if you can sing and dance at the same time, to choreography you’ve had for years? then I dont know, thats just not good enough… But either way her business is none of ours and I hate speculation, who knows why she really lip synchs…? Speculation is so destructive…just look what it did to her..

  5. Grandmaster B | May 3, 2007 at 10:32 am | Reply

    Wasting 20 minutes of my life to see some skanky has-been lip-sync and prance around to some lame-ass Solid Gold dance moves? I don’t think so. Plus, who does she think she’s fooling? SHE’S BALD FOR FUCK SAKE!
    Do us all a favor, Brit. Pack it in until you’ve got it together.

  6. It looks like a prostitute wandered on stage and started going apeshit.
    And lip-synching?! Britney, if you can’t sing live – ever – then you might as well find a new career.
    You could always work at Scores.

  7. well i love britney, and anyone who doesn’t is allowed to their opinion, but to the second comment about her lip-synching, we all know she does it, but its either singing or dancing, no one can dance as hard as she does and still sound good, so she has to lip-synch. she doesn’t on the slow songs usually though.

  8. I wish I could have witnessed her fight with Brian Friedman…

  9. omg look at her body in that second pic if you block her head with your hand it look like a middle age woman trying to dance and dress sexy i love it….

  10. Tired.

  11. um the people that are talking shit about brit need to stop because you sound stupid. How do you think you would look after being pregnant for basically 2 years. I cant believe people are calling her fat.So people please stop talking about brit because you know shes the shit

  12. I like how “Z” prefaced his/her statement by saying he wasn’t a fan…
    that shit looks worse than one of my drunken bowel movements…

  13. Let me state for the record that I ‘m not a britney spears but , I think if she is trying to work on her career that this would be the step to that. The girl is not dull, she really just need time to caught up to what music is today not what it was when she was at the height of career, because let be serious baby baby one more time would not be chart topping if she just released it now. So I say on to britney you do have a gift for singing use that not what everybody want to see just the body. And to her bandwagon fans let support the girl in a positive way, and help your pop idol out. Stop ripping her to pieces one minute and then say I like that song the next. Let the women have some peace about her life.

  14. yay!!! Britney’s finally back!!! And dude, I know she’s gonna be just as awesome, if not better than before! You can tell because she obviously still has just as many people jelous of her awesomeness….. 🙂

  15. Christo2020 | May 2, 2007 at 3:19 pm | Reply

    She should have stayed where she was as far as I’m concerned. She can’t sing, and she’s faaaaaaat!

  16. new yorker | May 2, 2007 at 2:11 pm | Reply

    Back at what, exactly? She lip-synced the entire set. It’s sad that people pay to see that…

  17. OMG is right! She looks like shit! And, with such gems as Chaotic and her recent press we all know how crazy and ignorant she really is, not a good combination. She really fucked up a good thing.


  19. OK, as much as it pains me to be the buzzkill here, this performance is one step up from a stripper routine at a stag party, IF that. Most prostitutes dress better than that, though. Seriously, to gauge har against one of her contemporaries, look at where Christina Aguilera is now–and then look back at Brit-Brit. Saaaaad…

  20. Definitely triumphant – I’ve been waiting patiently for her comeback and still know she’s gonna make it out on top somehow. Might not ever be the way she was, but she’ll still be around.

  21. She’s back, bitches.

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