!! OMG, YESS! Canada bans Conversion Therapy, if you try it – you GO TO JAIL! !!

“It’s a fantastic day,” Justice Minister and Attorney General David Lametti told reporters after the vote. “This is what we can do when Parliament works together.”

“I dream of the day when LGBTQ2 issues are no longer political footballs. And we are one day closer to that future,” said MP Randy Boissonnault.

The passing of Bill C-4 now has made it a crime punishable by up to five years in prison to cause another person to undergo conversion therapy. The 11-page bill also criminalizes promoting, advertising, or profiting from providing the practice, with those found guilty of these offences facing up to two years in prison.

WOOHOO! Finally, some good fucking news in this world! Think of how many lives will not be ruined and can be saved as a result of this decision! As Oprah would say:

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3 Comments on "OMG, YESS! Canada bans Conversion Therapy, if you try it – you GO TO JAIL!"

  1. More performance imho. Seems great but how is sexual orientation conversion different from coercive medical conversation in terms of vxx status. One involves something foreign physically entering your body…
    But yay?

  2. Canada is what the US tells everyone it is. While the US claims it has ‘freedom’ it is banning medical procedures for women, allowing gays to be tortured by conversion therapy and jailing people for marijuana possession, Canada allows women to terminate their pregnancies safely and legally, criminalizes conversion therapy and has legalized marijuana federally. It also allowed same sex marriages years before the US. There’s also a thriving middle class there while the US argues over whether people should be allowed to earn a living wage or afford health care. Congrats on achieving the American dream, Canada.

    • Well said! I live in Montreal and travel to the US where many of my friends live. There is a noticeable socioeconomic and cultural difference in the 2 countries. I am lucky to live here.

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