!! OMG, it’s that time of year again for CHRISTMAS DESIGN FAILS! !!

Sometimes companies are so busy pumping out Christmas merchandise, they forget to take a step back and think twice! Check out these holiday product design FAILS after the NSFW jump! Which one is at the top of your list as the worst!?


[via sadanduseless]

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12 Comments on "OMG, it’s that time of year again for CHRISTMAS DESIGN FAILS!"

  1. well some of them are intended to be like this and not a fail. the 1st one probably is in spain and is meant to be poo due to caganer tradition. and the buttplug statues in rotterdam and paris are indeed representing buttplugs. you can google the artists.

  2. The joke is that the “L” and “I” look like a “U” from a distance.

  3. The “LI” in flickering looks like a “U”

  4. I believe it’s included because if one just glances at the name on the box, “flickering” looks like “fuckering”?

  5. Love these, but I don’t understand the last one. Are there only four lights in the package?

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