!! OMG, your new favorite show: HBO’s ‘Industry’ !!

Branden Cook

Branden Cook in Industry

The first season of the HBO series Industry brought some of the most explicit and hottest TV content of the past decade, and the men are front(al) and center.

Thank goodness our premium channels are delivering for us while we’re all cooped up and pent up. Actors Harry Lawtey, Jonathan Barnwell and Branden Cook all deliver very memorable scenes.

See GIFs of their sexiest moments after the NSFW jump!

Check out the highlights below!

Harry Lawtey shows us every angle in this soon-to-be-iconic scene.

And you probably missed seeing him eat his own jizz right off the bathroom mirror.

Take in every second of Harry’s bathroom wank scene.

And just in case you had any doubts about the quality of this show, take a look at Jonathan Barnwell’s goods. See more him here.

And last but surely not least… Branden Cook‘s body in these scene! That’s all.

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3 Comments on "OMG, your new favorite show: HBO’s ‘Industry’"

  1. i tried watching it, was pretty boring and the plot was mjeh.

  2. Hello-

    hopefully all the frontal shots were the actors au naturale. i can’t stand
    frontal shots where prosthetics were used.

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