!! Cooking with Rachael Ray: Coney Island Stew !!

From the good folks at Rachael Ray Sux comes this delightful recipe for Coney Island Stew. It’s comforting and greasy, but most of all it’s SO EASY.
Excerpted from Rachael Ray‘s personal cookboook:

Once around the pan with EVOO extra virgin olive oil. Add one diced onion, 3 cups of chicken stock, half a palm full of grill seasoning just eyeball it. Umnhh it already smells insane in here! Then add 6 coney island hotdogs including buns. The buns will help thicken the stoup that’s thinner than a stew and thicker than a soup. Then add two big glugs of red wine vinegar. In my family we called that everyday vinegar. Give the pan a lttle shimmy-shake to stir things up. Then use a spoonula to separate the buns from the dogs. My grampy Emmanuel is Sicilian ya know. Simmer for ten minutes and voila! Coney Island Stoup! I’m glad the show’s about to end cuz I can’t wait to ladle this mess down my gullet. I just need to find a transmission funnel and I’m good to go. (Source)

YUM YUM. I take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about that no-talent, opinionless hack Rachael Ray and her folksy charade of a “cooking show.” Today, we both heart hot dogs enough to see past our differences.

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