!! OMG, Doja Cat drops Grease homage in new ad for PEPSI !!

PEPSI commercials and pop stars have been bedfellows for decades – and as capitalist as these are – they somehow bring us joy when we see them. Think of Britney, Beyonce, and others in the classic clips of the past. Now Doja Cat is hawking their new classic sodas – and covering a track from Grease while doing it. Check out the new clip above! Thoughts?

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3 Comments on "OMG, Doja Cat drops Grease homage in new ad for PEPSI"

  1. I like the new (very old) Pepsi can design…

  2. Good for her. But coke is my preference. Pepsi is pure nasty.

  3. That is awful. Not an homage–it simply totally ruins the song.

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