!! Donatella Versace launches her new fragrance !!

I had forgotten that fashion mogul Donatella Versace still allows herself to be photographed. After the jump, see a couple more shots from the photocall for the “Versace” fragrance launch at Harrod’s. Che orrore!

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6 Comments on "Donatella Versace launches her new fragrance"

  1. was she buried at the same time as her brother?

  2. That’s the leather I want for my couch.

  3. …but her spirit is beautiful it shows on the clothing she designed so as we gays are ugly to some people but are made beautiful by the beautiful thoughts we render to them

  4. UGH–how could clothing so beautiful come from a woman who looks like THAT!!?!??!??!??! She needs to go find some of her removed skin and put it back in her face to relieve some of the tension on her lips!!!!!

  5. Cher’s grandmother!

  6. she is fuhlawless! i want to lay my head on her pillow lips and dream of miami.

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