!! OMG, this! Dove Cameron shares their struggles with depression and dysphoria on Insta !!

Dove Cameron Shares Emotional Post About ‘Identity’: ‘I Don’t Have Answers’

Pop singer and actor Dove Cameron came out as queer in 2020, but said that they always kinda knew they weren’t straight. This week, Cameron took to Instagram to state that they’ve been considering their identity at large, something they acknowledged some people never need to do, while others find themselves exploring unknown parts of themselves:

“I’ve been struggling lately with the concept of self, my inner relationship to who I know myself to be and my outer perceivable self who I feel I have never known, but other people seem to,” Cameron wrote. “I’ve been covering mirrors lately. I’ve been feeling wrong in clothing that used to make me feel beautiful lately. I’ve been crying a lot lately, sometimes terrorized by my identity and image, sometimes in absolute flow with something new and peripheral and joyous to me.”

This is the kind of discourse both young people and especially an older generation who never got to explore these types of ideas, need from their pop stars! Good for Dove for sharing this perspective. Check out their full post after the jump!

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  1. She is liiiiiiike sooooooooo brave!!!!! Those tears liiiiike totally show your struggle!!! Likkkke sooooo glad you could capture that moment!!!

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