!! Elizabeth Berkley in my mailbox !!

Something very special came in the mail for me the other day. It turns out one of my readers bought me the Showgirls VIP Limited Edition DVD box set for my birthday, and I am so eternally grateful! Amazon is stupid and won’t let me see who bought it, so please email me if it was you!
Also many thanks to Kevin B. for his donation to my birthday fund.
I usually only post links to my Amazon wishlist as a longshot sort of joke. Of course !! omg blog !! isn’t dependent on your generosity, but I do sincerely appreciate these great gifts!
You guys don’t suck! xo Frank

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2 Comments on "Elizabeth Berkley in my mailbox"

  1. You MUST listen to the commentary. The guy speaking get so caught up in the hilarity that he forgets to speak sometimes. So insightful.
    I want the coffee table book that he mentions.

  2. I am so jealous. Maybe now you can help me “get my tits to pop just right”.

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