!! OMG, his butt: Danny from ‘The Real World’ !!

Since some of you have been coming down on me for my liberal use of the term “naked,” I will preface by saying that cutie Danny Roberts from The Real World: New Orleans is not naked in the stills after the jump, but you do get to see a nice portion of his butt. The stills are from one of those MTV shows where they bring back reality show participants and make them mud wrestle and dress in togas [NSFW].
To my knowledge, Danny has never revealed more than what you’ll see after the jump, despite certain naked, masturbating photos floating around (I believe it’s a lookalike, but you can decide for yourself after the jump, very NSFW).
Enjoy these stills while we wait for Danny to do Playgirl or softcore porndrama on the here! network [NSFW].

(Thanks to Clinton for the stills!)
And these are the controversial hardcore photos. What do you all think: real or fake?

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15 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Danny from ‘The Real World’"

  1. Met him. Should’ve sat on his lap to test it out.


  3. It’s real…If you watch any shirtless stills from any shows, the moles match on his stomach & chest. check it out if you don’t believe me.

  4. Whether it is fake or not, he should claim it cause that is a mighty fine looking piece of meat. Any fag would love to get their…mouth on it!

  5. Looks real to me.

  6. who cares if the masturbation photos are of him or not.i don’t think that they are.if they are 2 different people they will both have to be fucked up the ass, they are both fucking hot.

  7. The head looks photoshopped.

  8. davescumhole | July 25, 2007 at 7:32 pm | Reply

    Damn he looks good enough to eat and I wouldnt wait too long to get started!!

  9. fake… but have to say that i have always thought he is one sexy man. love to have been at the bar when he was bartending. anyone know if he and the secret GI are still together?


  11. That is sooo the same guy in the boner pic….

  12. I like him. He seems pretty together. In my world, the hardon pic is quite real. But in my world disco never died, so what do I know?

  13. Oh please! That picture is so badly photoshopped it’s ridonkulous! It’s faker then Ernest Angley’s hair! {if you don’t know who that is…google the name}

  14. OMG !!!
    I just smelled cum… YUM !!!

  15. those photos are not real. I ahve seen the real thing up close years ago not long after he was on the show. It is yummy!

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