!! OMG, Elvira says she’s not surprised that Madonna came out as Gay, says she once “made a move” on her girlfriend !!

Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira bumped into TMZ this week, and took time out of her busy Halloween month to share her thoughts on Madonna’s recent ‘coming out’ via TikTok:

Elvira wasn’t shocked, telling us the pop star has always painted herself as sexually fluid. What’s more, Elvira says Madonna actually hit on her girlfriend in the past!

Elvira didn’t say if she and Teresa were already together at the time, but elaborated that Madonna wanted to hire Teresa for personal training but made it clear that she was looking for a little more *personal* attention. Elvira also said that ever since she came out herself, it’s a huge weight off her pale goth titty balls, and others who may be scared to come out will feel so much better when they do, too.

Cassandra acknowledged the fact it might’ve taken Madonna a while to come out, but says folks should come out whenever is comfortable for them. She says life has been fantastic since and she’s encouraging others to live in their truth…when that timing is right.

Well, there you have it, folks. Looks like Madge and Elvira share the same taste! Find Elvira chatting Madonna and coming out after the jump!

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2 Comments on "OMG, Elvira says she’s not surprised that Madonna came out as Gay, says she once “made a move” on her girlfriend"

  1. Madonna’s face has been pulled so tight her hair line has moved back at least an inch.

  2. Madonna has been pretty open about being bisexual for years and years.
    I’m a little confused on how this is news unless she’s claiming to be exclusively attracted to women.

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