!! Fantasia’s dad milks book publisher !!

It’s not easy to write a book when you can’t read, but Fantasia Barrino, winner of American Idol sometime in the past, proved that for the right amount of money from Simon and Schuster, anyone can do it. However, getting people to read that book is a bit more tricky, especially if they are just as illiterate as you.
Fantasia’s father must have only recently listened to the book-on-tape version, as he is only now outraged at Fantasia’s allegations that he was not the best of fathers (the book came out last year). He is suing Simon and Schuster for $10 million. Or at least he thinks he is. Maybe he’s suing them for a box of pencils. As the lawsuit is probably written with words on paper, he will just have to trust his lawyers on that one. (via Glitterati Gossip)

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