!! Fergie’s new Pier One ad campaign !!

After searching long and hard for a suitable replacement for Scientologist fairy godmother Kirstie Alley, Pier One has finally found a new celebrity spokesperson in Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie. Or did they? I contend that rather than shell out the big bucks for a star like Fergie, Pier One just paid for Kirstie to have a not-so-extreme makeover. You decide:
Compare with this:
I really can’t tell the difference, except I think one takes place in the UK. Watch the entire commercial (aka the video for Fergie’s new single “London Bridge”) after the jump. Plus read the hilarious Pitchfork review of the new single.

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3 Comments on "Fergie’s new Pier One ad campaign"

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  3. Well say what you want, that single hit #1 in record time giving A&M records their first #1 hit since 1995! Good for Fergie, straight men find her sexy, and she proved the jealous haters wrong!

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