!! OMG history time: the first gay kiss in film history !!

Today we’re blessed with a bottomless well of queer film to explore, emote with, and relate to. Hell, you probably couldn’t watch all the queer films in the world even if you made it your full-time job! But as we all know, there is a first time for everything.

One such groundbreaking moment occurred in the 1927 silent war film Wings, which featured the first-ever gay kiss in film history.

In the dazzling era of the 1920s, Wings soared onto the silver screen, capturing hearts and minds with its gripping war story. Directed by the  William A. Wellman, this film introduced us to two hunky World War I fighter pilots, Jack Powell (played by the dreamy Charles “Buddy” Rogers) and David Armstrong (portrayed by the dashing Richard Arlen).

The gay kiss in Wings may have been subtle, conveyed through gestures and expressions, but its impact was far-reaching. The scene’s significance lies in the recognition and interpretation of its subtext, offering a glimpse of same-sex affection that resonated deeply with audiences. So basically, if you knew, you knew.

Know your history, and check out the first homo smooch portrayed in a movie, after the jump!

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7 Comments on "OMG history time: the first gay kiss in film history"

  1. It may be gay in a subliminal way by the film maker, but in the context of the movie they are not sexually attracted to each other.

  2. I saw this movie. There is nothing gay about it.

    • He falls passionately on the wounded man? He’s stroking the wounded man’s face as if they have just had sex? Then the passionate kiss? Maybe not gay liberation gay but certainly telling.

  3. also the first movie to win a best picture oscar

  4. Wings is an outstanding movie, and well deserving of the first Oscar for Best Picture. Clara Bow is absolutely delightful in it, too. If you ever get the opportunity of seeing this with a live orchestra, don’t pass it up!

  5. Interesting that the wounded airman pulls away from the kiss….

  6. You should add that Wings was the first film to win an Oscar for Best Picture.

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