!! OMG, why not wear it? Gab Bois saltine sweater vest !!

Gab Bois cracker sweater vest

Gab Bois Saltine Sweater Vest

Comfort food + comfort dressing? Sign me the fuck up! For you see, spring has not yet sprung. So, excuse me while I continue to embrace coziness in all its forms.

Now here’s something to sink our teeth into—this snackable sweater vest by the brilliant Montreal-based conceptual artist Gab Bois.

It’s food for thought, of course. But Bois’ work brings together elements of nostalgia, humor and kitsch in the most uplifting way.

See: Her vastly-shared Valentine’s Day treat boxes filled with everything from green veggies to fast food fare.

Gab Bois Valentine's Day Treat BoxAnd while fashion brands both emerging and established ramp up experimentation in textile creation—cactus and mushroom leathers, for example, are being banked on big time—Bois’ work demonstrates that the perimeters of what’s perceived as plausible fabrications could be much further flung.

To wit, in this day and age of upcycling and material exploration, who says a piece of pasta can’t do double duty as fabric?

You have to see it to believe it after the jump!

Gab Bois Pasta ShirtOh, the frill of it all.

In fact, so reasonably rebellious is Bois’ position on what can constitute cloth that last fall she collaborated with Apparis to give a little wink to the brand’s outerwear capsule featuring pieces made with Sorona fibre (which is derived from corn).

Gab Bois Popcorn JacketLooking like a snack, indeed!

While Bois waits for the fashion industry to heed her sartorial speculations with more seriousness, she’s forging ahead with other collaborations that add spice to life in other ways.

Gab Bois Bratzified UggsYou *may* have heard that Y2K fashun is back… What better way to celebrate than with these “Bratz-ified” Ugg boots (complete with 3D-printed heels) done by Bois and Robert Alexander Quinn?!

The boots didn’t make it to fashion month this season, but it’s only a matter of time… Imagine Cardi B—the closest that Bratz dolls have come to taking on a human form—clomping around Paris in these babies? Mais oui, s’il vous plait.

@studiocult Studiocult x @gab.bois ♬ original sound – PonderMusic

Finally, Bois has teamed up with Brooklyn’s Studiocult to create a pair of sunnies that give a whole new meaning to negative thinking. Get yours here before they sell out.

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