!! Good vocabulary can feed the hungry !!

At FreeRice.com, you play a simple word game and for each correct response, the site’s advertisters donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. If you know your words, it can really add up quickly! I donated over 1000 grains of race in just a few minutes yesterday.
Go give it a try. It will make you smarter and help the world’s poor. (Thanks to Luke for the tip!)

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4 Comments on "Good vocabulary can feed the hungry"

  1. One of the main reasons I read your blog is because you include
    items like this. Not only are you clever and humorous, but you have HEART! Good luck on the contest, you’ve had my vote each time!!

  2. OMG!! I totally stole this for my blog too … mostly so I can keep the link accessible to myself to play the game. SUPERFUN!
    (don’t worry, i totally credited you on my blog. finder’s fee.)

  3. I did as long as I can during my lunch break… 3k grains.

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