!! OMG, Grindr fined $7+ Million after selling ‘Discreet users’ data …again !!

Are you listed as ‘discreet’ on Grindr? Well… then this story may interest you. The company has been fined $7 million by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, who claimed that sharing data without consent broke GDPR rules and sold user data to advertisers. Tobias Judin, head of the international department at the NDPA said:

“Our conclusion is that Grindr has disclosed user data to third parties for behavioural advertisement without a legal basis. The Grind (sic) app is used to connect with other users in the LGBTQ+ community, and we are aware that many users choose not to use their full name or upload a picture of their face in order to be discrete. Nonetheless, their personal data and the fact that they were on Grindr was disclosed to an unknown number of third parties for marketing purposes, without giving the users accessible information or a genuine choice.”

The Authority says that “thousands” of Grindr users have now had their data shared “unlawfully”. Grindr now has three weeks to appeal the decision – but it looks like the data they sold off pertained mostly to people who listed themselves as ‘discreet’. SHAAAADY!

[via towleroad]

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