!! Haley Joel Osment drives drunk, crashes car, offends ghosts !!

Not even his Sixth Sense could save all-growns-up child star Haley Joel Osment from seeing the mailbox that flipped his Saturn on July 20. Immediately after the incident, everyone began speculating whether it was even a mailbox at all, or rather a “ghost mailbox.” According to 18-year-old Haley Joel, “ghosts are responsible for all the wars in this world,” and he even asked one of the cops at the scene of the accident if he was a ghost.
Sadly there were no real ghosts involved in this accident, and we know that today as it has been revealed that Haley Joel was driving drunk, and possibly high on weed. He had the weed in the car, anyway. He could face up to six month in the clink, but word on the street is that he is hiring Mel Gibson‘s lawyers to bag him some sweet probation, and also Mel’s PR people to help smooth things over with the ghost community.

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  1. Bravo! A site tailored for gay guys with great satire on the fake world of celebrity and news! Rock out with your c*c* out!
    Daniel in Long Beach, California

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