!! OMG, gay block party: San Francisco !!

San Francisco is having a 90-degree heat wave, which is not a common occurrence for the always-temperate-if-a-little-bit-moist California city. The heat has apparently put everyone in the mood to party in the street, and with the striking down of the gay marriage ban yesterday, the city has officially erupted into one big homosexual celebration, as these grainy cell phone pictures attest.
(via WOW Report)

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3 Comments on "OMG, gay block party: San Francisco"

  1. sweet! wish I’d have been there

  2. THIS WAS A HOT BLOCK PARTY. I did some filming for sketchypeepholes.blogspot.com. I got great footage. Anyway, it was a blast so if you have any sketchy footage from the event, upload it on sketchypeepholes.blogspot.com. Ethan King San Francisco’s freshest male entertainer and porn star was there. Nice guy. Completed an interview for our website. Other entertainers seen around the neighborhood included world famous Dawson who offficially calls San Fran home again, Christen Mayer whose career exploded in 2007, and Josh Hartnett who we all wish was gay. Rumors had it that many of the entertainers spotted out during the day Thursday including both Ethan and Dawson would be at Treasure Island Media’s famous Cock Pit party. Seeing this as another place I could grab good sketchy footage I was a bit disappointed. While I heard Dawson was there I never saw him and heard that Ethan bailed on the event last minute. I’m sure that was fierce sketch there so upload it now and at least put humor into a stressful thorn in many peoples side.

  3. badlydrawnbear | May 17, 2008 at 10:22 pm | Reply

    What better way to celebrate Gay Marriage then to head into the ‘stro, get drunk, and get laid with some guy I just met in Badlands!!!

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