!! Has it been three years already? !!

Three years seems to be critical mass when it comes to celebrity unless you are able to change yourself drastically so America doesn’t recognize you and yet still likes you (like Madonna in the 90s). Alas, it has been three years since the simultaneous premieres of Paris Hilton’s sex tape and her hit show The Simple Life in 2003, and it could now be curtains for the young heiress and her vagina. According to Page Six, Us Weekly refuses to report on Paris’s activities and publishes her photos reluctantly. This reflects the general state of boredom when it comes to she who coined the phrase “That’s Hot.”

Bennett delves further into the social science of it and even waxes nostalgic about this turn of events, but I for one will be happy when the Hiltons cease to exist outside the Hamptons and Paris is again a city in France.

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  1. thank god! i am so sick of seeing this lazy, self indulgent, weasel faced douchebag everywhere. no one likes you paris. the word slut was defined the day you opened your legs for the world.

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