!! OMG, Isaac Hanson says COVID-19 is part of the war on Christmas, refuses to obey “the government” to stay safe !!

Mmmmbop! Find the Hanson brother’s full, kooky, Christ-driven, COVID-denying post after the jump! This is very dangerous to broadcast to all the Hanson fans out there… oh, wait…

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14 Comments on "OMG, Isaac Hanson says COVID-19 is part of the war on Christmas, refuses to obey “the government” to stay safe"

  1. The Catholic Church has always made exemptions for church attendance based on age, illness, disaster, epidemics, and other reasons. And evangelicals invested remote worship in the 1950s with televangelism. For those who believe, there are plenty of ways to practice your religion in a pandemic.

  2. Let them go on and become worm food. They are so far gone, if they did get it, they will claim it was gods will.

  3. Heavens! What happened the tussled, long-haired blond boy band? Did they have their hair bleached as kids for “marketing”?

  4. Well, goodnight.

  5. Why aren’t they naked?

  6. Which one of the three is that? Is it the ugly, stupid one?
    Or the ugly, stupid one?
    Or the meh, stupid one?

  7. Some people have to learn the hard way. No one is saying you can’t celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family unit, but getting a large family gathering together WILL put everyone at greater risk for getting and spreading COVID-19. These are the scientific facts.

    Twisting your religious beliefs into false reasons to attack the government when you don’t like it’s rules and recommendations isn’t religious freedom…it’s opportunistic and goes against Biblical teachings.

    I have a couple scriptures for Mr. Hanson: Romans 13:1,2; 1 Peter 2:13-15, both of which charge Christians with “submit[ting]” to the “governing authorities” “who have been appointed by God.” There is nothing in the CDC’S COVID-19 guidance that genuinely causes people of faith to chose between COVID safety and their relationship with God.

  8. “Christmas” can’t be cancelled, because Christmas isn’t about running around in public. Is is, for believers, celebrating the birth of Christ – who taught that loving one’s neighbors is numero uno, which probably includes not infecting them with coronavirus! Your concerns aren’t about being a good Christians, they are selfishly about you not wanting to sacrifice for the health of others.

  9. Sad to know he’s a Magat. Oh well.

  10. Dumbass can’t even spell simple words correctly. Bye, bitch.

  11. Prob. 9:10? What book of the Bible is that? I’m unaware of book that begins with the letters PROB. Probably? Probity? Problems? Seems that Trump’s ignorance of the content (and even more the meaning) of scripture is infecting his minions. Next they’ll be quoting Two Corinthians…

  12. What a complete idiot! Well maybe karma will come and infect him like it did that other denier!

  13. I’m assuming he also doesn’t care if one or more of his children or maybe his wife dies. What a swell belief system.

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