!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Britney and will.I.am release a new …song(?) with ‘Mind Yo Business’ !!

I guess you could call it a song. A very thinly produced, faint lift of the pinky finger of a production with barely-there vocals, for Britney, at least. Not their best… but, you better believe the gays will still find a way to stan it somehow. Check out MIND YO BUSINESS after the jump.

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12 Comments on "OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Britney and will.I.am release a new …song(?) with ‘Mind Yo Business’"

  1. OK, the beat is catchy, but the best is not their best. Britney has a LOT more voice than this. What happened to “Womanizer”, “Circus”, “Toxic”? I needed this to be in that vain. I’m underwhelmed.

  2. I like it. It’s also quite a typical will i am song. It’s not a typical Britney song…I think that’s where ppl get confused. I also think for what it is, it’s quite well produced. Obviously it’s rather a catchy fun song with catchy beats with barely there silly lyrics rather than something serious with power vocals. It’s also definitely a like it or hate it kind of song. I totally see why a lot of ppl hate it haha.

  3. Legion Keign | July 22, 2023 at 11:00 am | Reply

    I’ll wait for the remix(es) before passing gas, oops, sorry, I meant judgement.

  4. F*cking awful!!! Britney needs to go away FOR GOOD!

  5. If one has a vocal range of 4 pitches and a vocab of 4 words, one is all set!!

  6. Absolutely awful. She made a big mistake by doing a comeback collar with him. Zero talent and overuse of his autotune gimmick.

  7. Charly Fer Flores | July 21, 2023 at 7:04 pm | Reply

    I really liked it, it’s catchy and a danceable hit for clubs

  8. Nah, no stanning here. It’s awful

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