!! OMG, his butt UHGAIN: Justin Bieber is back to running around pools wet and showing off his backside !!

The singer who just launched his own deodorant line is notorious for caring very little about wearing very little while wet poolside on his adventures, and these images are no exception!

Check out Justin Bieber‘s fine behind after the NSFW jump (and just in case you’ve been living under a rock, you can see the front here).


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35 Comments on "OMG, his butt UHGAIN: Justin Bieber is back to running around pools wet and showing off his backside"

  1. It is annoying that people act like he is gross but he is not everybody’s type so I see both sides. The gay culture is full of superficiality but so is every culture. I think it’s different with celebrities because none of us have a chance anyways so we can be harsher. It’s the same way in the straight world like take Kim Kardashian she is hot to some men and some men find her gross its just because she is so overhyped and lot of people find many other girls more attractive. I personally think I could go to my local college and find many guys just as hot or more attractive to me then Bieber but I do find him attractive and love seeing his body and nudes so not going to complain like some do when its posted. Don’t like it just ignore it. Worlds negative enough already. Let’s all be kind.

  2. isn’t this photo a year old?? I would stick my nose in his ass anyday and I don’t think he has a flat ass. what about that photo of him mooning the paps in his pink shorts? that ass wasn’t that flat.

  3. lloyd robinson | May 26, 2019 at 11:15 am | Reply

    I’d like to see a full nude frontal too!!


  5. Any frontal from this event? Would be great!

  6. I think he’s hot, but then he opens his mouth and it ruins it. If he would shut up (well, maybe some moans while he’s gettin’ fucked) it would be awesome.

    • I agree. He’s cute enough and I like his butt, but man, is he irritating. Zayn Malik is the same way, I think he’s incredibly gorgeous but he seems like such a douchebag.

  7. Ya’ll just love to hate but given oppurtunity ya’ll would be all up on that. It’s just the “in thing” to hate on him so ya’ll just following like a herd of sheep. I think he has a great body and face. Sure he could clean up but he is not as unattractive as you all make it seem.

    • Agreed some of these dudes need to quit acting like they have the option of all the hottest guys on the planet. Shut up and enjoy the view. My least favorite part of the gay community is the superficiality and shallow vapidness of most gay guys.

    • You’ll are doing the same thing fools. You two are cheerleaders for millionaires, you two are the sheep cheering on people that would put you out if you were on fire. You need to check yourself before you start throwing shade hunty.

    • I don’t hate him, but I kind of think if he wasn’t famous most people wouldn’t really give him a second look. Yah hes got a good body, but other then that hes kind of ordinary. And if you are gonna crush on celebs, I just there there are lot better choices out there.

    • Yes, it couldn’t possibly be that others simply have a differing opinion at all!

      • Then just say not my type. People act like he is super unattractive which he is not. He’s not my type either but I do see a lot of comments on posts calling him gross and disgusting. Not my type but not gonna take time out of my day to trash him either.

      • Amen brother!

  8. He must have a new CD coming out and needs to juice the pre buzz

  9. Yawn is right Thierry.

  10. All these butt pictures in wet white undies and not one single front??? Seriously?? I mean it’s totally like not like I like care, but like, ok I still wanna see 🙂

    • Because the pics are likely a set-up by him to promote an upcoming release. Popular trick these days.

  11. M’eh.

  12. Sorry about it. I just don’t see the allure with him. I mean, I get that he’s attractive. But I just don’t lust after him that way. Go figure.

  13. Gurl looks like white trash in a blender

  14. Nothing special.

  15. I still think he’s creepy and looks like he smells bad.

    • How would he stink just coming out of the pool? You on some dumb bull!

      • You dirty fool, thinking a swimming pool is a bath tub, you nasty.

        • Wow you are a total idiot! See the laws of water are that him being in water would wash his body so he would not stink of any body odor. Also its a pool not a swamp you uncultured swine. Wow we are doomed with people like you on this planet.

  16. Donald Russell | May 23, 2019 at 5:39 pm | Reply

    The hell with his backside! I want to see the front to see if his cock is worth sucking on!?

  17. Beautiful

  18. Yawn

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