!! OMG, HA HAAAA! Kanye rides horse into church and then falls off !!

In the latest born-again-Kanye news, it’s been reported that the newly-saved rapper is headlining the prayer rally Awaken 2020, which will also be headed up by a bunch of Trump-supporting anti-LGBTQ rights fanatics. He’ll bring his Sunday Service choir to a 10-hour Arizona event this Saturday, Jan. 18, where evangelical leaders and celebrities—who have referred to homosexuality as a “spirit of lawlessness” and opposed legislation that bans discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation—will stand at the pulpit to address the masses.

Wow! That really says it all!

Check out Kanye’s ego-driven ride into church on a terrified animal above!

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9 Comments on "OMG, HA HAAAA! Kanye rides horse into church and then falls off"

  1. Maaaaybe there IS a “god”??? I’ve heard she works in mysterious ways, and if this was her move, I LIKE it.

  2. James Armstrong | January 23, 2020 at 3:49 am | Reply

    Stupid ignorant scumbag…fall off and die.

  3. Fake news. It wasn’t him and as confirmed by numerous sources including Kim. And no I am not Kanye supporter before you might ask. He is still a looser

  4. Watching Kanye fall off the horse I made a joyful noise!

  5. Wow. Two horse’s asses in one church. What are the odds?

  6. Funny! This guy is such a loser.

  7. Poor horse

  8. He and Trump are made for each other: huge egotism and no sense of propriety! What a pair of ass tools!

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