!! OMG, he’s naked UHGAIN: Big Brother Canada star Kenny Brain is back, and much furrier than ever! !!

After Big Brother Canada: Season 2 contestant Kenny Brain appeared on the reality series in his tighty whities, the internet fell in love. Later, when his nudes hit the web, he literally broke the internet before Kim did. Now, in 2020, more sexy images of the Canadian hunk have surfaced and are hotter and hairier than ever! Check Kenny out again after the NSFW jump!


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21 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked UHGAIN: Big Brother Canada star Kenny Brain is back, and much furrier than ever!"

  1. Gotta say, I find these guys who post on social media constantly looking for validation & attention very unsexy.

  2. Get over yourself, no one is interested in your whinge about tattoos. It is the person that we are looking at and if you like clean skins, kudos to you. It is not all about you tho so leave negativity behind or just keep scrolling.

  3. Insert Name Here | December 19, 2020 at 11:24 am | Reply

    Now that’s a man. Yum!

  4. CUTE……….

  5. I am so sick of tattoos everywhere! SO overdone! The guys without the tattoos and the hot ones now.

  6. What a stunning, manly man. Would be lovely to have a husband like him.:)

  7. He has a big cock! Yummy! Would love to suck that dry!

  8. Where is Shannon? And the other people trashing him back in 2014?

    Haha, you guys dont think at long term

  9. Daniel Lachowski | December 17, 2020 at 7:31 pm | Reply

    I fucks with him last night haha 😉

  10. damn! he’s gotta be the sexiest man of 2020!!! CANNOT be more perfect!

  11. I’d suck it so good

  12. BREED ME!!!

  13. Where is that video/GIF of him making out naked from??!!??!?!

    Someone? Anyone?!!

  14. Woof. Sexy as fuck

  15. Wow! Perfection. That hairy ass is everything.

  16. Oh Canada! God Bless Canada! They are sure producing the men!

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